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Swedish quality
rescue products

Products for Rescue services,
Defense and private operators

for fire- and liferescueing exercises

Protection products
and accessories

Sports protection
products and accessories

Swedish quality
rescue products


Elji Sport is Sweden’s leading company for manufacturing and selling fire and rescue manikins of the highest quality. Everything is manufactured in our state of the art studio in Munka Ljungby in Northwest of Skåne. The manikins are available in several different models as well as other products used by rescue services, and other users.


Accessory products such as used by rescue services, defense etc. We manufacture and sell various bag models, transport packaging, metal racks for manikins, fire exercise chair, fire blankets, helmet- and bottle protection, etc.

Sports Accessories

We manufacture cases for gymnastic mats, combination mattresses and cases for special purpose carpets. Measured pillar protection for indoors at companies, in gyms and other premises, as well as outdoor products at playgrounds and ski slopes, etc.

Specialdesign & Service

We tailor at your request! Only the imagination and your needs put limitations to our production. Often we receive requests for different special products. Thanks to years of experience in the business, we solve these customer driven and customized requests.