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Swedish quality
rescue products

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Pillar protection

In addition to the wide production of Materials for Rescue and Defense, we manufacture some products for private use as well. Our popular pillar protection products are usually found in sports halls, gyms, etc. where you want to protect both equipment and athletes. However, our pillars are also appreciated ”rescue angels” in private and commercial garages. We also manufacture various special protection products on request directly from our customers. If you have any own ideas or wishes, please feel free to contact us.

Fodral till Rigmamattor

Utbytesfodral till rigmamattor. Röd med blå halkskydda undersida.


Art nr 501

Art nr 503


2000 x 1000 x 50 mm

2500 x 1200 x 50 mm 

Fodral till Kombimattor

Utbytesfodral till kombimattor med kardborrband på varje sida.

Art nr 505

Bredd = 2000 mm
Djup = 1000 mm
Höjd = 60 mm
Färg = röd/blå/grön

Skydd till handvinsch

Skumgummibeklädd skyddskåpa med omgärdande träram.

Art nr 505



Yttermått träram 360 x 360 mm.


För smådjur. Tillverkas enligt kundspecifika önskemål.
Vattentäta och spolbara.

Art nr: liggdyna