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Products for Rescue services,
Defense and private operators

Protection products
and accessories

for fire- and liferescueing exercises

Sports protection
products and accessories

Swedish quality
rescue products

Swedish quality
rescue products

Equipment to rely on in all weathers

Every day, all year round and in all weather, we rely on Rescue Services, the defense and private actors. We put our security into their hands. We want to do this with confidence that they have the necessary equipment and training to do their job.

In order to secure our safety, these actors need to rely on their eqipment, in both training and emergency situations. This equipment often suffers from extremely tough treatment. We are aware of this at Elji Sport. That is also why we have become a preferred partner of the Rescue Services, the defense and other actors who depend on personal security in different environments and contexts.

Elji Sport manufactures and supplies training/protection equipment for fire and life rescue. We also manufacture additional products that we have either developed ourselves or in cooperation with our clients.