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Swedish quality
rescue products

Swedish quality
rescue products

Products for Rescue services,
Defense and private operators

for fire- and liferescueing exercises

Protection products
and accessories

Sports protection
products and accessories

Custom designed at your request

Here in our state of the art studio and workshop in Munka Ljungby we are used to some odd requests that sometimes go beyond our usual production. It may be special material for the Rescue Service, the defense or other customers with some of their own ideas. It’s really the imagination that defines the limit for what can be done.

We put the bar up high. We never ever dumble on the quality. It’s as important as our ambition to always maintain a high level of service and to keep our promise to our customers. We strive for high quality and set high demands on our suppliers of materials. We only work with the very best and with suppliers with whom we have a long-term relationship with. Our products are subjected to an ultimately tough treatment, they are ”battered” to the poorest – yet they will hold for as many exercises as possible. As you can understand, it’s hard to offer a warranty on our products. But at least we assert that compared to competing products on the market, ours will stand the test and always deliver.